One Solution
One Price

per timesheet
appr. $22 per user / month


Your subscription includes everything. We keep pricing simple so we can focus on delivering great software. There is exactly one edition of Lucid: the current, complete, best edition. We improve Lucid continuously. There are no periodic version upgrades.

We charge per timesheet processed so you only pay for what you use. There are no user licenses to juggle. You save automatically when:

  • employees go on leave
  • employees on/offboard midmonth
  • seasonal employees do not work

phone icon Support

Support is unmetered. Support goes way beyond answering the phone. Your support representative is a senior engineer with deep understanding of how Lucid works under the hood. He has the expertise and authority to:

  • write ad hoc database (SQL) queries
  • program invoice templates to spec
  • extend Lucid with new features

We do our best to accomodate reasonable feature requests. They lead Lucid's organic improvement over time. This robust level of support distinguishes us from our competitors. They rarely offer custom extension at all and when they do, it comes at a hefty hourly rate.

clipboard icon Setup

Setup fees are waived with a one-year term commitment. Setup includes:

  • custom invoice templates
  • training
  • launch support

We can support the launch remotely or colocate your support representative at cost for travel expenses.

We offer legacy data migration service. We evaluate data migration on a case-by-case basis because the effort required varies considerably depending on the state and accessibility of the data.


We normally serve companies with a minimum of 50 employees but we make an exception for startups with minimal setup requirements. We are willing to bet that your company will succeed and grow to fill out many timesheets in the years to come.