One Solution
One Price

per timecard
appr. $22 per user / month


There is one edition of Lucid: the current, complete, best edition. We continuously improve Lucid. There are no periodic version upgrades to pay for or cause disruption.

Your subscription includes everything. We keep pricing simple so we can focus on developing great software and you can get back to business. We charge per timecard processed so you only pay for what you use. There are no user licenses to juggle.

clipboard icon Setup

If a company is its people then its priorities are defined by where it puts its best people. We assign a senior engineer to be your support representative. He will handle setup then continue to provide ongoing support. We foster stability so your support representative can gain institutional knowledge of your company.

Basic setup fees are waived with a one-year commitment. Basic setup includes:

  • development of custom invoice templates
  • remote training
  • remote launch support

For a very reasonable fee, your support representative can colocate during launch. We highly recommend it. Nothing beats being there in person.

We offer legacy data migration services. We evaluate data migration on a case-by-case basis because the effort required varies depending on the state and accessibility of the data. More... Cost can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. The best case scenario is direct SQL access to a well-documented database. The worst case scenario is that data migration is not feasible because your previous vendor jealously withholds your data. You'll never have that problem with us. You can retrieve your backups anytime.


We believe in small-group training because as the saying goes:

What one engineer can do in one hour, two engineers can do in two hours.*
The original quote is, “What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months.”
— Fred Brooks

The majority of users only need to learn how to submit timecards. We bring them into Lucid in batches over the course of the week. We begin with the most computer savvy so they are prepared to help their neighbors later in the week.

Administrators responsible for onboarding, billing and payroll receive additional training in those areas. We'll be there to walk you through Lucid as you settle in over the first few weeks.

We deploy a “sandbox” installation of Lucid ahead of launch day. Users may experiment without fear of making mistakes. We reset the database at launch.


We normally serve companies with a minimum of 50 employees but we make an exception for startups with minimal setup requirements. We are willing to bet that your company will succeed and generate many timecards in the years to come.

phone icon Support

Support goes way beyond answering the phone. As a senior engineer, your support representative has deep technical understanding of Lucid. He has the expertise and authority to:

  • program invoice, timecard and report templates to spec
  • write ad hoc database (SQL) queries
  • open API endpoints for your systems integrator
  • extend Lucid with new features

Support is unmetered. We're reasonable if you are. We do our best to accomodate feature requests. They have lead Lucid's organic improvement over time.

We may be able to help you with programming tasks unrelated to Lucid or only tangentially related at an hourly rate.