timecard icon Timecards

The Lucid timecard editor presents a unified user interface for charging labor, expenses and mileage. Project numbers are easily found via search. Employees may annotate their timecards line by line.

Timecards follow an orderly lifecycle from creation through finalization and approval to invoicing. The lifecycle constitutes a digital chain of custody. More...

Finalization Employees may not edit their timecards once finalized.
Administrators may not edit timecards until finalized.
Approval Timecards may not be invoiced until approved.
Editing a timecard unapproves it.
Invoicing Invoicing locks the relevant lines on timecards.
Timecards may be unlocked by rolling back the invoice.

invoice icon Billing

Lucid is a complete solution for time and materials billing. Lucid invoices labor, expenses and mileage from timecards as well as ad-hoc line items for credits, fees and other materials.

Line items may be invoiced independently for fixed fee billing. Projects designated fixed fee exclude labor from invoices and revenue but continue to track labor for internal analysis.

Lucid uses granular billing rates. You may bill labor at different rates and under different titles depending on any combination of the employee, client, project and type of service rendered. Billing rates are defined for time periods so history is preserved. More...

Lucid allows you to isolate your clients from each other. You can renegotiate rates with one client without affecting the others. Lucid allows your employees to wear many hats.

Invoices are generated according to sophisticated templates. These templates are programmatic; they are much more powerful than mail-merging. Lucid installs with a flexible default invoice template. We program additional templates as needed to handle your billing scenarios.

Lucid reports on accounts receivable. Remittance may be logged to individual invoices to enable reporting on which invoices have been paid in full, partially remitted and/or are past due.

calculator icon Payroll

Lucid calculates overtime across comprehensive criteria:

  • California regulations
  • alternate work weeks
  • holidays, paid time off, sick leave, etc.
  • hourly exempt and salary non-exempt status

Lucid calculates total pay from:

  • labor
  • expenses
  • mileage
  • benefits

Lucid tracks accumuluation and draw down of paid time off and sick leave.

We can format payroll report output for export to other applications.

hierarchy icon Project-centric

Lucid pleases project managers as well as administrators. Clients and projects can be structured with as few or many layers of sub-projects as appropriate. You control which projects employees may charge to and which exist for purposes of organization.

Budgets may be set anywhere in the hierarchy and subdivided down through sub-projects. Similarly, billing rates can be attached to projects anywhere in the hierarchy. They cascade to sub-projects by default but may be overridden.

Completed projects are archived out of sight but not deleted.

speedometer icon Real Time

Lucid is always current. You will never have to wait overnight for reports to update.

Lucid uses sophisticated partial caching for computationally expensive calculations. When something changes (e.g. a billing rate), Lucid immediately recalculates only what's necessary.

cloud icon API & SQL

Lucid shares raw data via a read/write REST API. Your systems integrator can get data into and out of Lucid. We will work with your systems integrator to add endpoints as needed.

Read-only SQL database access for high performance reporting is also available.

padlock icon Secure

The open secret of data security is that negligence is to blame for nearly all breaches. Players big and small fail to follow industry best practices because it takes work that is invisible right up until catastrophic failure.

All Lucid traffic is over TLS. Passwords are salted and hashed. Form input and API calls are shielded against SQL injection. Access is granted according to the principle of least privilege.