hierarchy icon Project Centric

Structure clients with as many projects and sub-projects as appropriate. Lucid can handle over 100,000 active project numbers. Don't settle for primitive flat or fixed-level project structure.

  • subdivide budgets
  • record partial remittance
  • control which projects employees may charge to
  • archive completed projects

timesheet icon Timesheets

Charge labor, mileage and other expenses through a unified user interface. Find project numbers to charge to via autocomplete or advanced search. Then Lucid will remember which projects you've charged to in the past for quick lookup in the future. You may further annotate your timecard line by line.

Timecards follow an orderly lifecycle from creation to finalization to approval. Employees may not alter their timecards once finalized and administrators may not alter timecards until finalized. This creates a digital chain of custody.

invoice icon Invoicing

Lucid installs with a flexible default invoice template. We then program additional templates on an ongoing basis for each of your billing scenarios.

Lucid has the most adaptable billing rate system. You may bill time at different rates and titles depending on any combination of the employee, client, project or type of service rendered.

Lucid has passed audit because billing history is preserved. Billing rates are attached to time periods so current rates can coexist with historical rates. Invoicing locks timecards so billed time can't be retroactively changed (unless the invoice is rolled back).

calculator icon Payroll

Lucid calculates overtime (yes, California included). Lucid supports alternate work weeks and exempt and non-exempt statuses. Lucid calculates total pay from labor, expenses, mileage, benefits and ad-hoc adjustments. We can format payroll output for export to your other payroll applications.

speedometer icon Real Time

Lucid is always current. You will never have to wait overnight for reports to update.

Lucid uses sophisticated partial caching for computationally expensive calculations. When something changes (e.g. a billing rate), Lucid immediately recalculates only what's necessary.

cloud icon API & SQL

Lucid shares raw data via a read/write REST API. Your systems integrator can get data into and out of Lucid. We will work with your systems integrator to add endpoints as needed.

Read-only SQL database access for high performance reporting is also available.

padlock icon Secure

The open secret of data security is that negligence is to blame for nearly all breaches. Players big and small fail to follow industry best practices because it takes work that is invisible right up until catastrophic failure.

All Lucid traffic is over TLS. Passwords are salted and hashed. Form input and API calls are shielded against SQL injection. Access is granted according to the principle of least privilege.