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Lucid is project-centric timecard, billing and payroll software. Lucid is for professionals who bill their clients for time and materials or fixed fees. Lucid is ideal for engineering, building and safety, architecture and other contract service firms employing 50-1000 people.

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We make Lucid fit you perfectly by writing custom code — real software development — on top of the base software. We go way beyond “configuration.” Our competitors rarely offer custom software development at all. Those that do charge a hefty hourly rate.

Lucid originated as an in-house billing solution for a consulting engineering firm. We understand how your billing requirements are driven by your clients' demands. We say, “Yes!” to you so you can say, “Yes!” to your clients.

Lucid evolved to have points of extensibility including:

  • invoice templating
  • granular billing rates
  • composable user roles
  • n-level project structure

When you describe your particular scenario to us, we're already prepped to extend Lucid to handle it.

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Lucid is owned by its developer, John Wessel. I developed Lucid without making compromises to expediency. I keep my work pleasant by keeping everything humming under the hood.

Lucid scales well. It easily handles over 100,000 job codes organized into a hierarchy that reflects your project structure. Competitors tend to force your job codes into a flat list (meaning no project organization) or a fixed number of levels (inevitably overbuilt for some clients and under built for others).

Lucid also scales well across time. Old data gets archived out of sight (but not deleted). Billing rates and other metadata is associated with date ranges. Current metadata coexists with old metadata so history is preserved. Lucid generates output that matches hardcopies from 10+ years previous.

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